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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Presentation of the GSSE 2013 in Luxembourg

Yesterday was also the almost now traditional press conference organised by the COSL. As the next GSSE in 2013 will be held in Luxembourg, the most important and attended point of the agenda was surely the presentation of the games in Luxembourg. If a lot of details are not known for the moment, the COSL could nevertheless present a framework of the next edition with the sports and the locations that will mainly be in Luxembourg City.
After some discussions about some locations in the south of the country, it finally appears that the objective to have games with very short distances between the locations, has overcome the more political views.
Very good news also for beachvolleyball, because if some rumours appeared that beachvolleyball would not be part of the 2013 games, finally the discipline has been confirmed with the plan to construct a beachvolleyball-arena for the games near the Coque on Kirchberg. The GSSE 2013 without beachvolleyball would have been a huge step backwards for our sport.
For more detailed informations, see the articles in tageblatt or Luxemburger Wort.

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